What help is available?

We can give you information and help you to coordinate the services you might need.  This will vary according to your situation.

We provide friendly advice.  People are not always aware of what is in place to assist them. We can help you get started.  Just having a chat with us can be helpful.

Caring may mean you can’t work and your income is affected, or you may find the cost of equipment or medications expensive. You may be eligible for some financial support from the government.  We can help you to understand and perhaps apply for these.

Some respite opportunities may attract funding or brokered support from our service.  We can help you with how this works.

Call on 1800 052 222*

Our phone line (*Freecall except from mobile phones) is the first point-of-contact with our service and is staffed by professionals who understand the needs of carers.  Our phone service operates 24 hours, including weekends and public holidays.

Brochures and other information can be sent to you on request. We can assist with interpreters on the phone or in person.

Urgent respite

If you need urgent respite, if you are ill or something unexpected occurs, or if you feel you can’t manage, please phone us immediately on 1800 052 222.   

Carer Support Programs  

We have four Carer Support Programs which we may link you into for short-term support and planning.  We can assist by phone or someone could come and visit you at home.

CARER icon aged dementia 1 CARER icon intellectual disability 1
Aged & Dementia   Disability
CARER icon mental illness 1 CARER icon young person 1
Mental Health   Young Carers


Events and workshops 

We regularly host events and workshops for carers to learn more about services, build skills and confidence and participate in activities to support your wellbeing. They occur at venues throughout Melbourne's south and are listed under Who do you care for?  Alternatively just touch on a relevant hand above.